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Stuck in busy-ness?

You’ve got a business that’s stretched to breaking point, you can’t find good people, you’re spread too thin, competition is hurting your margin, customers are demanding more for less, and the treadmill seems to speed up every year. You’re running faster and faster to stay in the same spot.

What you'll get


You'll  have more energy, feel fitter and do more of the things you love with the people you love to be with 


You'll get clear about the direction and the priorities in your business and your life, and make a plan to get there


You'll have choices about what you'll do and don't do. Step back from your business knowing it will run without you

"When I came to The Breakthrough, I was working crazy hours, I was completely unhealthy and that put strain on my relationships. The Breakthrough allowed me to really prioritize the things that are important. By putting health and family first, the business has grown naturally, and far beyond my expectations. "

Will Allan
Owner & Director, Hello Monday

Business Freedom Plan

12 week programme includes video-based modules, workbook and quizzes that takes only about 20 minutes per week to transform your business and your life

Get a LIFE

Go from busy-ness to simplicity so you can move faster and further with a lot less stress. You’ll get clear about what’s really important, a fresh perspective on your key resources and practices to achieve better results with less time.


You’ll get clear about what you want in terms of your business - all the way from an inspiring big picture that you really want to own all the way down to the next possible actions that you need to take to start the process of getting there.


Learn the simplest way to grow your business and improve your profit. You'll let go of the clutter that holds you back – the things that don’t add value, and you'll  create space to add things of much greater value.

Free Bonuses

When you sign up for Business Freedom Plan, you get these free high value bonuses

Business Growth Assessment

Get a great snapshot of your current state, in both a business and personal context, and a clear sketch of your desired future state.

$97 value

Business Freedom Workbook

A workbook with a summary of the content and space to record your thoughts and answers accompanies the topics. Use it learn and track your progress through the plan. 

$97 value

Dr Mike's Webinar Series

Access to Dr Mike’s monthly  Q&A webinar, exclusive to Freedom Business Plan members

$975 value

Our Guarantee

We’re totally confident that if you do the work, you will enjoy benefits far exceeding the price.  So here’s the deal. If you're not 100% satisfied you can get a
full refund at any point
in the 12 weeks following purchase.

Pricing Options

1 Time Payment

USD $279



3 x Monthly Payments

USD $97



Dr Mike Ashby

Dr Mike Ashby is the Founder and Director of The Breakthrough Company and author of the book, Breakpoints: How to Shift Your Business to the Next Level.  Considered one of New Zealand’s leading business advisors and speakers to business leaders, he stands out because of his unique blend of intellect, experience, and authenticity. Before buying Breakthrough’s predecessor business in 2003, he was Chief Operating Officer at Southern Cross Healthcare where he was responsible for turning a $42M loss into a $30M profit in two years. Before that he was a partner at Ernst & Young Consulting in Wellington.


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